American Mech -Tech 1 LLC


Seals leaking on your split case pump? Experiencing excessive vibration or is your pump running hot?  At American Mech- Tech 1 we offer new installations of pumps, rebuilds, and spare parts.  We perform work on split case, end suction, and vertical mulit- stage pumps. 



American Mech- Tech 1 Personnel will come to the site and remove the rotating assemblyof your pump, which will be brought back to the AMT1 shop.  Our pump specialists will then...

Inspect the rotating assembly of the pump for faults and wear in the seals and bearings, as well as the impellar and wear rings

Balance the rotating assembly of your pump

Replace the worn or faulted parts of the pump with new

Return the rotating assembly to the site for reassembly of your pump and testing for satisfaction

American Mech Tech can rebuild your pump FAST! We have access to original manufacturer's parts, mechanical seal, and bearings of all makes of pumps.  American Mech Tech can fabricate shafts, casing rings, wear rings, and shaft sleevesfor your pump when not available.  Our job site application evalutaion services will attempt to duplicate any  pump equipment regardless of age, make or construction.


Stock Spare Parts

Bearings and seals are the usual components to fault on a pump. We find it is a great idea to keep pump parts like these stocked for the day when a bearing or seal goes bad, and you need to be on- line.  Having these pump parts stocked will decrease your downtime to only a few hours.  With our specialized team on call 24/7, we can have our personnel on site to repair your pump immediately.


Call us today to troubleshoot your pump problems!