American Mech -Tech 1 LLC


American Mech Tech is quick to repsond to solving your coil problems through our diverse engineering capabilities, flexible production methods, and expeditious order processing.  We will supply and install all heating and air conditioning coils including steam coils, steam distribution coils, hot water coils, chilled water coils, and coils for refrigerant models.  We offer duplication of any coil equipment in materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and special alloys. 

Keep Your Coils free of dirt  buildup and scale by performing cleaning of the coils either bi annually or annually depending on the specifics of your application.  Install U.V. lighting treatment to rid the incoming air of contaminents and bacteria, at the same time keeping your coils and equipment clean, increasing the efficiency of your unit!


Call today for a free inspection of your coil!

Our personnel will inspect your coil and condensate pan for...

•Condition of casings, fins, tubes, and headers

• Check for corrosion, scale, dirt build up, and leaks