American Mech -Tech 1 LLC

Air Handlers and Roof Top Units

American Mech Tech can rebuild your air handler with new coils, pans, coatings, fan assemblies, and fabricate sheet metal walls as well as doors.  We will install or replace your air handler unit with  a new Buffalo Forge, Trane, Carrier, or  York air handler unit.  We offer complete service from removal of your air handler to installation, complete with piping.

Keep air handlers clean by installing U.V. lighting treatment.  This will rid the incoming air of contaminents and bacteria.  Ultimately this process will not only give you fresh clean air, but also will keep you coils and air handler equipment clean increasing the efficiency of the air handler unit

Call us today for a free inspection of your  air handler unit!

American Mech Tech personnel will come to your facility and inspect your air handler unit for...

Excessive heat, vibration, and noise of the bearings

Fraying or wear of the belts

Check fan wheels, housings, and shafts for physical damage and corrosion

Check filters and eliminators for positioning, physical damage, corrosion and obrstuctions.