American Mech -Tech 1 LLC
About Us

As a leading mechanical contracting outfit providing parts and sevice for the cooling tower industry in the NY/NJ area, we take pride in offering the best products and service to maintain and ensure your facility is operating effeciently. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. American Mech Tech, a family owned mechanical contracting business, have been providing service on equipment like cooling towers, pumps, air handlers, coils, chillers, and air compressors in the tri- state area for over thirty years. 

We have been servicing pharmaceutical plants, housing facilities, industrial sites, hospitals,  commercial buildings, recreational facilities in the NY/NJ area as a mechanical contractor and we continue to maintain an excellent working relationship due to our sales and engineering staff who are highly qualified and capable of handling their customers individual needs.  American Mech Tech has the best reputation as a mechanical contractor for completing your project on schedule.  Everyone of our factory trained mechanics knows the importance of the equipment he is working on.

Safety and Training is a primary focus at American Mech Tech where our technicians are pre trained in proper safety procedures, cooling tower construction practices, mechanical installation and equipment handling.  This training will save you money and efficiency and will be a contributing factor in bringing projects in on schedule.