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At American Mech - Tech 1, we provide equipment, parts, and service on the following manufacturers of cooling towers in the industry:





amongst others...

Whether your facility needs a new cooling tower or a rebiuld of and existing cooling tower, our personnel are the leaders in the industry and can decrease your downtime when rebuilding or installing a unit.  We also offer rental plans on equipment to eliminate any downtime.


When installing a new cooling tower, things must go according to plan.  A good plan is the best plan.  American Mech - Tech is involved from the start to finish of your cooling tower project.  We will first estimate your project and give you a timeline, as to when the project should finish.  Upon approval our personnel will start gearing up to get your cooling tower project underway.  We not only install the cooling tower,  but also lay dunnage, pipe the unit, and hook up all electrical and controls.  We even remove existing towers and dispose of them.


Installing a new cooling tower is clean, cut and dry work. However, when it comes to rebuilds, you never know what your getting into.  We have seen cooling towers as old as 60 to 70 years.  When rebuilding some of these cooling towers a lot of attention has to be payed to the structure and also the mechanical components.  We offer what you need, whether it be new fill media, drift eliminators, fan assemblies, gear reducers, or distribution heads and nozzles.  Our personnel has performed complete rebuilds on every type of tower and every make. 

American Mech Tech can rebuild your gear reducer or fan in our shop or at your plant or facility.  We will duplicate or give you a choice of metal, carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, or special alloys.  We will fabricate a fan unit or new shaft and also supply bearings.  Complete shop and field balancing available.

Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative and Predictable

Are you losing efficiencyat your cooling tower? Is there a lot of buildup in the cold water basinof the cooling tower?  Spray heads backed up? Keeping a cooling tower clean could mean the world.  A cooling tower should be cleaned at least once, if not twice a year.  Our company will clean your fill media, drift eliminators, spray heads, and cold water basin.  This will rid your system of any debris and buildup, also helping it to run more efficiently. 

American Mech Tech can tailor yearly contracts to meet your requirements.  Seasonal, monthly, bi annual, or annual with a one year frozen labor rate

•Clean, powerwash, inspect Interior and Exterior of your cooling tower

•Clean Cold Water Basin of the cooling tower

•Clean and inspect Nozzles and Headers of your distribution system 

•Clean and inspect Hot Water Basin of your cooling tower

Clean and adjust Fill media, Drift Eliminators and Louvers

•Clean and inspect Fan Assemblies

•Adjust  Fan Pitch and Align Shaft

•Inspect Fan and Motor Pulley and change Belts

•Change oil in Gear Reducer accordance with the style of cooling tower you may have